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Hi Dawn!

Thank you again for taking part in this, we really appreciate you taking the time. You'll find everything you need on this page to get started. If you have any questions, email Emerline at


What is Seoul Tribe? Seoul Tribe is a website and online platform sharing the stories and work of talented people contributing to the Korean creative scene in unique ways. We're especially pushing to give more love to female creatives. Created by three friends living in NYC, LA, and DFW. 

Why an interview? As creatives and just as curious people, we love learning about talented artists through interviews. It's the easiest and yet most effective way people can get to know the artist.

Seoul Tribe carefully chooses who we reach out to and interview as we're focusing on showcasing only those we feel have a unique touch to their work and/or in their creative path.


Read and answer your questions on this Google Doc. 


Please share photos & other visuals on the Google Doc.

In order to create and present the interview in its best form possible, we kindly ask that you share with us any high-res image of yourself. These visuals may be from your past promotions of your work or even your work itself. 


Once you've reviewed and answered the interview questions, we will promote the interview via our social media channels and newsletter.

  • You will be notified via email prior to the posts are published so that you are aware ahead of time. 
  • Social media posts will be based off of all officially approved interview materials and newsletter visuals. 
  • You can see a mock-up of what the newsletter promotions may look like below. Learn more about our newsletters are like on our newsletters page

(Note: These are only samples. Real one will have your name and images)


Dedicated block in newsletter

Dedicated newsletter to interview